Friday, April 20, 2007

What the Hell is Wrong With Being Yourself?

Acting how you want to be…what the world needs is “in-di-vid-u-al-i-ty”.

Yet here we are… the product of a cult built on tearing down and destroying the individual and creating millions of cookie cutter copies of conformity in every ward, stake, district and branch.

Anyone who dares to stick their head up and celebrate their individuality is quickly and summarily whacked back into place…by the Morg’s "Wack-A-Mole" hammer of conformity Gestopo's played willingly by church member’s who impose their scrutiny, judgments and opinions on anyone who choses to be different.

Church leaders are continuously instructing its membership how to be the same. Wearing the same white shirts for men has become a symbol for Mormon men’s cult status. Women are told how many earrings they can wear and the type of clothing they can wear. Mormon youth are instructed in conformity at a very young age. Told what to wear and how to wear it. Conformity and so-called clothing “Standard” are promoted. The Mormon church has even extended it's influence into the school systems of Utah ,imposeing it's dress standards on everyone within the school boundaries. And heaven forbid anyone should express their individuality by sporting a tattoo or wearing a beard or mustache.

Last month I saw a wonderful show in London called “Billy Elliott” one of the show stoppers was a song called “Expressing Yourself” …I have tweaked some of the words for our unique situation…but the message is powerful…What’s the Hell Wrong with Expressing yourself… Enjoy…

Expressing Yourself
What the hells wrong with expressing yourself?
Being who you want to be?
Will anybody die if you have a tattoo?
Who the hell cares if your dress shirt is blue?
Start a new fashion, buck all the trends.
Emphasize in-teg-rit-eeeee.
Cos what the hell is wrong with expressing yourself
For wanting to be me?
What the hells wrong with being yourself …
for wanting to breath free
Who the hell is it you try to impress
All you have to do is learn to care less
Start a new fashion, buck all the trends
Screw, Con-form-i-ty
Cus what the hell is wrong with expressing yourself?
For trying to be me.
If you wanna wear two earrings, fine
Want ideas for tattoos? Look at mine.
If you want to dress like somebody else,Fine! Fine! Fine!
It's not a big statement, it's not a weird act
Just a good idea at the time
We'll not complain about your boring Morg life
If you'll just leave me alone for mine.
If you wanna wear a white shirt, fine
Just don't tell me what to do with mine
Don’t impose your standards on everyone else
I’ll be who I want … You can FUCK Yourself
Everyone is different It's the natural state
It's the facts, it's plain to see,
The world's grey enough … without being the same
What - we - need - is