Monday, March 05, 2007

The Mormon Plan of Happiness

I don’t understand this “Mormon Plan of Happiness” claim. When 2 mormon missionaries knock on the door of some unsuspecting non-Mormon family, whether they realize it or not, they are doing so with ulterior motives to userp the current foundations of this family and replace it with the so-called Mormon Plan of Happiness. Metaphorically speaking, they are trying to throw a fucking nuclear bomb into an other wise happy family environment. The missionaries have one goal in mind and that is to destroy the current foundations of that happy family and replace it with the Mormon churches cookie cutter, one size fits all worldview by offering their false hope of an eternal family.... Oh and the best part is that the promised pay off only occurs after you are dead. If, as is usually the case with any conversion, the missionaries only convince part of the family to convert, then the missionaries have not brought a plan of happiness ... but a plan of destruction and divisiveness. They have actually destroyed an other wise happy family.

How many families does Mormonism destroy each year because of their message of lies? Having experienced the divisive nature of this so called Mormon Plan of Happiness first hand and know how it actually plays out in a home where two parents believe in two opposite worldviews...I KNOW that Mormonism destroys families with its lies.Oh but I do get some nifty magic underwear, the privilege of forgoing 10% of your gross income and the giving of all your time to the Mormon church...I guess there are some bennifits in this life I failed to mention (tongue placed firmly in check)