Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Only In Mormonism Can 2 + 2 = 5

As a once believing member of the Mormon Church I found the church … Ummm … believable because it added up and made sense. At the time, I was unaware of or had made mental accommodations for all of the many difficult historical skeletons and yet to be discovered false claims that Mormonism is replete with.

Now many years later, I am a longingly, sentimental, non-believer, because the religion of my birth no longer adds up. So you tell me…how does one make Mormonism believable? The Answer...using Mormon Math.

Let’s look at a few examples of Mormon math to see if it adds up:

Joseph Smith was convicted of defrauding unassuming dupes of their money by using a rock he found in the ground claiming he could find them buried treasure + He used this same rock, stuck in a hat to translate the Book of Mormon = Joseph Smith is Credible?????

Does this Mormon math add up for you???? It does if you're a Mormon.

Let’s try another example…

The Book of Mormon describes a bronze aged Jewish civilization living in the Americas + Not one shred of evidence has ever been found to support this claim = The Book of Mormon is REAL History???

No problem here...

One more try…

Joseph Smith married and had sex with women who were already married to other men + D&C 132 requires the first wife’s permission to engage in a second marriage with a virgin +Joseph failed to get this permission and lied to his wife, Emma, and the public about his polygamist marriages = Joseph Smith was a Prophet of God????

Makes perfect sense...

Then again, one more problem that is only solvable using Mormon Math…

The papyri used for the Book of Abraham is a simple Egyptian funeral text + Joseph stated that the papyri was written by the hand of Abraham + The Papyri has been shown to be 1,500 years younger than the time-table of Abraham + his so-called translation has been proven to be nonsense = The Book of Abraham is believable Scripture.

Why would anyone doubt this stuff????

Sorry I could go on and on with these seemingly unsolvable Mormon problems that are only solvable if one uses Mormon Math.

Simply put….Mormonism is only solvable using Mormon math…but then isn’t it comforting to know that 2 + 2 has always equaled 5 and it does if you only use Mormon Math. Isn’t it wonderful… isn’t it marvelous


Mego711 said...

I love your blog. I am not so sure how I came upon it :) I was reading your profile. I am curious if your wife still a member?I also wondered if you have been to this site Do you believe in Jesus now or not so much.

Cr@ig said...

Q: I am curious if your wife still a member?

A: Yup...still very active

Q: I also wondered if you have been to this site

A: Yup, lots of good info

Q:Do you believe in Jesus now or not so much.

A: Not so much (as the son of a god)

Mego711 said...

Hi Craig,
Mego711 here again! Thanks for answering my questions! One more question for you. Do you believe that Jesus and God and the Holy Spirit are one? Thanks! I love this! I wish you well on your recovery out of mormonism =)

Cr@ig said...

Dear Mego711,

You ask: Do I believe that Jesus and God and the Holy Spirit are one?

A: I'm completely agnostic on the question of God. I'm hopeful, but skeptical.

I give no more credence to the Christian god than I do to that of any other world religion's god.

Any god claim must be able to dovetail with scientific reality such as evolution, physics, astronomy etc