Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Where is the Footprint?

The LDS Church claims that the Book of Mormon is an actual, historical account of real people and real events. In other words, a non-fictional historical narrative of “some” of the actual former inhabitants who actually lived on the American Continent between 600 BC and 400 AD.

They also assert that the truth of this claim will not be known through any physical evidence such as DNA, anthropological or archeological means. The truth of the book of Mormon can only be known through the spiritual feelings one receives after one has both read and sincerely prayed about the truthfulness (reality) of the book. And of course, true believing Mormons believe that there is ONLY one possible outcome for this effort…that the truth of the Book of Mormon will be confirmed to you. If you did not receive the “Right” answer, then the problem lays with you…the reader…not the book…you must NOT have been sincere enough or prayed hard enough…it’s NOT that the book is NOT what it claims to be. Thus, you the reader are pushed into the Mormon maze of circular reasoning.

As bazaar as this sounds, most believing Mormons are not totally crazy. They are also intelligent educated people and do use logic based decision tools in other parts of their lives. What follows is my attempt to interject logic into a conversation with your typical Mormon TBM and help them step out of The Book of Mormon circular reasoning process.

TBM Mormon: I know beyond any doubt that the Book of Mormon is all it claims to be and is true.

Cr@ig: So you believe that the characters portrayed in the Book of Mormon were actual living, breathing people who lived somewhere on the American continent? (This is important to establish that they believe that these fictional characters are actually real to them)

TBM Mormon: Yes I do.

Cr@ig: Now I can look at you (Mr./Mrs. TBM Mormon), I see you, you are actually alive, you breathe, you eat, you live in a house, you have a government record, a birth certificate, parents and children, a job, a medical record, an actual historical record of your existence. You are REAL. There is an actual “foot print” of your existence. If you died today, people generations from now could see evidence that you actually existed.

But what about the Book of Mormon people? There is NOT a single site that can be pointed to as having been a confirmed Book of Mormon site. (Cumorah not withstanding) Not a building, not a road, not a city, not a region or country, not even a descendant of these Book of Mormon characters.

There is not a single vestige of this people’s existence. Not a shard of broken pottery, a lost coin, a misplaced tool, a building or house foundation, a garbage pit, a lost weapon from their many wars…nothing, absolutely NOTHING that can be pointed to as a Nephite or Lamanite artifact. It’s as “IF” they NEVER EXISTED. If these Book of Mormon people ever did existed…they left not one single shred of evidence of their existence…they lived and left “No Footprint”.

The Book of Mormon suggests that these people numbered into the millions….yet vanished into thin air. Help me understand HOW any of this is possible?

TBM Mormon: Well, I don’t know…but the spirit confirmed the truth to me.

Cr@ig: And you find this so called spirit reliable in spite of this? Since when does the accommodation of truth require you to suspend reality?

TBM Mormon: Duh……. Ah…..


Now the sad reality is that this line of logic will not affect the true Nazi-Mega-TBM, My own TBM wife chooses to ignore even this line of logic and refuses to even give me an answer to my questions of HOW this is possible. But hey, it could reach some who are willing to open up their minds to reality.

“… faith, as well intentioned as it may be, must be built on facts, not fiction - faith in fiction is a damnable false hope" -- Thomas Edison


Soy Yo said...

When my wife asked the missionary who baptized her the same questions, he told her that "the Lord wiped out all record of the BoM so it could be a trial of our faith. We need to have faith that it existed and if we do not have a testimony of the BoM we need to pray until we get the "right" answer."
That has to be the biggest load of crap I have ever heard.

Stephanie M said...

Soy yo, if that is true (which it's not) then why wouldn't he do the same for the Bible? The bible has left a "footprint" of sorts. They have evidence of the people, places, and even some things. So if God wanted true faith from all wouldn't He have wipe the exsistence of the bible as well as the BoM?

Huh?! LOL

People will believe anything if they are TBM. They don't like using their brains, all the thinkings done for them. Of course they sound stupid when they try to defend something that know abosultely nothing about!

Anonymous said...

omg i think your blog is great. you support all of ur points. i left the church bc i married my nonmember hubs who didnt believe. i loved him more than the church. i felt bad but its been three yrs and that feeling dwindled away. after my family droppin lines all the time to get myself right i started to research, only to find that my husband was sooooooo worth it. i left and its not even true! i was sad and dissapointed tho bc i had been lied to for 25 yrs and my entire fam is still living in the twisted lie. wow. tbm think were the crazy ones. that we read anti stuff and satan sucked us in to believe it all. anti mormons kno more about mormons kno about theyre own religion.i dont have a blog but if you would like to respond here is my email. i would love to hear from u. alyssa621@hotmail.com. ps its sad that i can never tel my fam i feel this way. i cant imagine what would happen. love the blog