Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My 10 Favorite Questions to Ask Mormon's

01. Describe in detail the Book of Mormon civilizations, their food, money system, animals, modes of transportation, tools, weapon systems etc.
A. Where did this civilization exist?
B. Why have none of these outward signs of this civilization ever been found?
C. Can you name any other civilization that left no earthly footprint of its existence?

02. When did Adam immerge from the Garden of Eden? {If they are stumpt…refer them to their Mormon Bible Concordance which states that Adam immerged from the Garden of Eden 4,000 BCE}
A. Where was the Garden of Eden? {I throw this in for fun}
B. Was there death on the earth before Adam left the Garden?
a. If they say no…have them explain the fossil record
b. If they say yes…have them explain Mormon doctrine that states that physical death was introduced with the Fall of Adam.

03. How old is the earth? {again if they get stumpt refer them to D&C 77}
A. Once they establish 6,000 years have them explain how the archeological record shows modern-man has been in the America’s for nearly 20,000 years and throughout the earth for over 100,000 years and in Africa for over 1,000,000 years.
B. How do you reconcile this with Adam leaving the garden 6,000 years ago?

04. Was there a Universal Flood and a reqal historical Noah?
A. If yes, have them explain how all the animals got to their final destinations i.e., Kangaroo only in Australia, Hummingbirds on in the America’s
B. If there was a central distribution point {AKA Mt Ararat} why don’t we find these unique animals distributed throughout the earth rather than in their isolated locations with no fossil record leading back to the Middle East?
C. If there was a Universal Flood explain the archeological record showing the presents of man in the America’s {and other parts of the world} prior to and following Noah but before the timeline of Jared and Lehi.

05. Are the Pacific Islanders descendants of Lehi?
A. Explain the scientific evidence that shows they descended from Asian forefathers and NOT American forefathers.

06. Explain in detail the method Joseph Smith translated the Golden Plates? The actual mechanics of this process.
A. If they know the actual process congratulates them…if they don’t inform them.
B. Explain how JS accomplished his translation with the plates being nowhere in sight?
C. Explain how the same process Joseph used to “con” local farmer with his treasure digging scam could have been the process God used to translate Golden Plates?

07. Do you believe in Evolution?
A. Explain how mankind and chimpanzees share 98.7% identical DNA?

08. Does the Sun generate its own energy {self contained} or does it borrow its energy from other planets… i.e. Kolob? {see the Book of Abraham}

09. Explain how 18th century man-made additions to the King James Bible found their way into the Book of Mormon?

10. Explain how sections of 2nd Nephi’s Isaiah taken from Laban’s Brass Plates included parts of the Biblical Isaiah that were written after Lehi left Jerusalem?

Of course caution should be used with the use of these questions as they have the terrible side effect of causing your Mormon subject to have to actually **THINK** which could lead to cognitive dissonance...and begin the process that may eventually led to apostasy.


Anonymous said...

Cr@ig works awefully hard and spends a lot of time to disprove something he has decided is irrelevant and "stuuuupid". Also, he is pretty condescending toward anyone who hasn't reached the conclusions he has reached. I am so tired of reading the ramblings of people like Cr@ig who think that anyone who doesn't think like they think are ignorant "Stepford Wife" type robots. In 10 years I'm sure Cr@ig will have to revise all his great reasons for leaving the church . . . and I'm SURE he will . . .

Cr@ig said...

Welcome Anonymous,

Let's set the record straight. I don't try to disprove anything. I merely lay out questions, facts, information...and let the cards fall where they may.

If someone is informed, knowledgeable and can still believe in mormonisms claims...I say good on yeah. Don't know how someone can do that BUT if they ahve some special ability to maintain faith once they are fully informed with reality...then so be it.

Truth is truth, facts are facts. The official foundational story of Mormonisms is a false reality built by the GA's in SLC to build faith in Mormonisms claims. But once exposed these claims fall apart on their own. I don't nor can I do that...the church does it to its self...because its leaders have chosen to teach a false history based on how they wish Mormonism had come about rather than how it actualy did. Again I had nothing to do with this.

You say your tired of reading "ramblings" of like minded people such as myself...Umm easily resolved. Don't read it.

As to revising my reasons leaving Mormonism...well I can never revise something that has already ahppened in the past... It seems only Mormonism can revise its past and to make it more acceptible to future generations.

Anonymous, if you are not interested in knowing the happily ever after in your false reality. Just understand that there is NO reward in some magical celestial kingdom waiting for you...but hey if it makes your life seem more fulfilling waisting your life doing senseless endowments for dead people...who can't or don't give a damn that you are sending your time doing my guest.

Oh and one more thing, Please read all of my "rambling" posts I'd love to know how you explain and hold together your faith in an unbelievable religion.

Anonymous said...

Correct your grammar and learn a bit about what Mormons actually believe before you misinterpret their scripture and beliefs for you own purposes. I know a lot of people like you; people who try to use big words to seem intellectual, but end up looking like morons. I'd rather be a Mormon any day than a moron.

Cr@ig said...

Dear Anonymous,

First: Pick a name...any name will do.

Second: I know very well what it is that Mormon's believe. I gave my life to the Mormon Church. I've served as EQ Pres, YM Pres, Bishopric, and High Council additional to spending 2 years of my life as a full time missionary. I think I am well versed in Mormon doctrine.

Third: What grammar would I need to correct? Remember you’re a guest in "MY WORLD"...and in my world one does not put their feet up on the act accordingly.

Forth: What scripture or dogma have I misrepresented? It’s hard to discuss or answer you when you do not use specifics.

Fifth: Again you are a guest in my blog...and I do not take kindly to being disrespected. If you are going to insinuate that I am somehow a better be able to back it up...otherwise it is YOU, my friend, which comes off as the moron.

The mere fact that I am even publishing your remarks is illustration enough that I am trying to be fair and open to alternative I would kindly ask you that if you know of a specific error on my part merely point it out...and we can discuss it....otherwise you are just making an unsupported accusations, which in the end, just make you look like the moron.

Anonymous said...

Cardstonnonmormon..... Great work craig!