Monday, November 24, 2008

The Consequences of Supporting California's Prop 8

The Mormon Church has no one to blame but its own so-called inspired leaders.

With its support of California’s Proposition 8, the Mormon Church has thrown the largest rock into the tumultuous waters of Same Sex marriage … and appropriately is now reaping the tsunami ripples spinning off from this so-called inspired decision. How could God NOT have seen this coming?

Just like the recent Wall Street Market crash… the crash of the “Mormon Brand”, despite years and years of being propped up by its massive public relations effort, has been laid to waist. A vast majority of surveyed Americans have a negitive view of the Mormon Church.

The TSCC wanted to play with the big boys and is now reaping its reward. Evidently it learned NOTHING from the lessons of its own history. People do not like to be carpet bagged by out of state interests or have a minority impose its own personal interests on the majority. How soon TSCC forgets the political lessons of Kirtland, Missouri and Nauvoo.

I don’t claim to be a prophet in any sense of the word, but I can see where all of this is going…why couldn’t God’s so called anointed leaders?

Here are a few of my predictions:

• Unfortunately, the price of the decision will be paid by TSCC’s members through increased public alienation and marginalization. Its leadership will remain couched away in their Phallic Symbol, the COB.

• I foresee an increase in personal harm and attacks to the public face of Mormonism…its missionary force.

• Mormon conversion rates in California will nose-dive.

• All Mormon public buildings, such as churches and temples, will become targets of vandalism and public protests on a regular basis.

• Publically announced visits of Mormon GA’s to California will virtually disappear.

• Individual Mormon members in California will pay the heaviest price being subjected to individual acts of vandalism personally directed at their personal property…such as gratify to their homes and businesses.

• The children of the Mormon faithful in California will be subjected to public ridicule and taunts of bigotry while attending their public schools. Some may even have to be pulled from public schools. Declaring one’s self Mormon, will become even more embarrassing and painful.

• There will be an increase in membership resignations from California members.

• California wards, already divided over this issue, will see a decrease in membership attendance and tithing payments, creating its own ripple effect.

• Evangelical coalition members, who joined the Mormon Church in defense of Marriage, will abandon the Mormon Church (whom they view as a cult) and hang them out to dry.

• Mormon GA’s WILL be subjected to a “Cream Pie in the Face Incident”

• Either a Pro-Gay Marriage Prop will eventually pass or the California Supreme court will over turn Prop 8, but next time the Mormon Church will take a less active roll…having paid such a heavy price to its so coveted public image, tithing payments and membership numbers.

• Same Sex Marriage will eventually become Law in some form in California at some time in the future and all of the Mormon’s Churches efforts will have been for naught. If I can see this coming...why couldn't God's so-called anointed?

Isn’t it Wonderful…Isn’t it Marvelous…

I should note that I do not personally advocate vandalism, violence or bodily hard to anything or any person associated with the Mormon Church…I am merely stating the obvious consequences of the Mormon Church’s decision to interject itself into California’s Political arena.


Anonymous said...

While I agree with some of these predictions, I try to remember that not everyone thinks what the Mormon church did was a bad thing. I'm sure they will be able to find plenty of haters who aren't bothered by its history. I hope, however, that the pickings will get slimmer with time.

Interested said...

Yes! I think they may have finally done in themselves.

Tommy Marx said...

I would definitely say there will be consequences regarding the LDS support of Prop 8:

BB said...

I am an active member of the Church and I have to say this whole Prop 8 thing disappointed me. I think it's a Monson thing. I don't think pres. Hinkley would have attracted such negative attention towards the church.
By the way, I like your blog and am happy that you have found peace. I am a convert and know some of the teachings are BS I just think it's a good way to raise a family and try to teach my kids to be open minded in spite of the culture of being LDS that drives me nuts. Who knows, personally when I am done raising my kids, I'll probably be done. It's exhausting and expensive to be a member of the church.

Cr@ig said...

Thanks for your remarks BB...You give me hope that not everyone in the church is afraid to question.