Monday, March 27, 2006

Hook, Line and Sinker

As a ”Truly Believing Member” of the Mormon Church, I admit that I took every thing that the leaders of the church spewed out literally. They had already done the I didn’t need to... right? I literally believed everything without ever thinking the claims of the church out in my mine. I believe part of my loss of belief came about because I started to recognize blatant conflicts with the claims of the church and reality... here are a few examples of things that started to really bother me and eventually led to my leaving Mormonism. It is also why Thinking in Mormonism is part of the “Double Bind“.
  • The Mormon belief that the earth is 6,000 years old (see D&C sec 77)
  • The whole story of Adam and Eve being our first parents
  • The story of the Universal Flood (Mormon’s believe that this was a baptism of the earth).
  • The belief that Dinosaurs came from a different planet
  • The Garden of Eden being in the State of Missouri
  • The belief that there was no death before Adam and Eve (fossil remains have proven this to be a false doctrine)
  • The City of Enoch being a real city that was literally lifted into heaven from its sight where the Gulf of Mexico is currently situated.
  • That our Sun derives its energy from a planet called Kolob
  • That the pre-Columbus inhabitants of the America’s and Pacific Islands were descendants of Hebrew bloodlines.
  • That all languages somehow were changed from a pure Adamic language 4,000 years ago at the “Tower of Babel” to confuse and confound humanity. "Pay Lay Ale" in pure Adamic means "Oh God, hear the words of my mouth" ... Yeah right!
  • That God somehow showed Noah where to “drop off” the various animals species through out the world, after the flood so that they would conform perfectly with Darwin’s theory of Evolution i.e.: Kangaroos in Australia, Lion’s and Elephants in Africa, Horses and Cows in Mesopotamia etc.
Now that I am free to think and evaluate so many conflicting beliefs found in Mormonism...I am amazed that I ever believed so many silly and stupid doctrines. The only way that Mormonism makes any sense in reality... is to “Leave It”.


Joseph's Left One said...


Your recounting of your experience has me seriously pissed off today. It's not enough that we believed in all the absurd doctrines, but that we turned into a vicious pack that eats those who dare go against the grain.

So glad you're out.

agnostic1 said...

Welcome to my world - the real one. Glad you've finally made it.

My blog will have you linked.

Eric said...

I am no longer a coppertop, and there never was any damned spoon!

Anonymous said...

From one Craig to another...

I'm with you bro. I'm always reminded of the movie "A Bug's Life." Get in line, Flick!

Darque said...

The city of Enoch was where the Gulf of Mexico is now? Thats one seriously big city!

Apart from the anger and the frustration does anyone else just feel embaressed that we used to believe all that?

J. said...

I'll have to agree with all this. Considering all of the dead or near dead languages - see, it amazes me just how sad all of this really is.

Thanks to this psychosis that we remained in for so long, it's any wonder why any of us haven't gone crazy.

But I keep forgetting 'Oh Joseph didn't mean that... he was just talking as a man.'

Don't give me that. He was delusional. He just wanted those women and prepubescent teenagers, and that was it.

Joe Smith Jr. said...

Interesting blog. I'm always interest in anything releated to Mormonism.


Joe Smith, Jr.