Tuesday, April 18, 2006

One Size Does NOT Fit All

This past weekend my TBM college age daughter went to Las Vegas with her friends. While there the inevitable happened. She Gambled. At the urging of her other TBM friends she placed a $5.00 bet on a 21 Table and let it ride... and ride it did... with in three hours that one $5.00 bet had increased to a total of $250.00. With in an additional hour that amount had taken the proverbial Vegas ride and reduced down to $150.00 at which point my daughter smartly decided to cash in her winnings.

In a moment of unthinking excitement, my daughter called my Uber-Mormon- wife to share her enthusiasm. Upon hearing the news my wife immediately chastised my daughter for not following the council given by Gordon B. Hinckley, President of the Mormon Church, “The Prophet”.

Having experienced Mormon enduced guilt trips my entire life...I immediately jumped into the fray... I expressed my view that the Mormon Church‘s, one size fits all, view of gambling is wrong. By placing guilt on adult members of the LDS church who choose to gamble (think Wendover and Mesquite) is just plain misguided. I then went on to express my belief that gambling in and of itself is "NOT" wicked ...it is the uncontrolled or addictive gambling that is immoral. Those who gamble away funds necessary for food, housing and survival are the ones in need of helpful council...not the recreational gambler who might make the occasional weekend trip to one of the afore mentioned cities and blow a few hundred dollars. After all Wendover and Mesquite weren't built from gentile monsy, they were built from funds that were already tithed.

Needless to say... I am now in the dog house for sharing my evil wicked counter Mormon views of gambling...


Matt said...

Good for you!

Kristin said...

My TBM Dh and I were in "Sin City" over the weekend as well. We lived there 6 years and only stepped foot in the casinos to either: A)get to the buffet, B)get to the movie theater C)eat at the food court, etc. The most time I ever spent in the casinos was when my TBM SILs (4 of them) came to visit and I stood around and watched them piddle away their money on the 5 cent slots. My "supposed" TBM FIL also has quite the taste for gambling. He was a bishop and he and his DW served a mission less than 2 years ago. Hmmmm, I believe my dh also received a call on his cell over the weekend from his parents, gee, guess where they were? Las Vegas, of course! I've tried gambling, just not for me. I hate coming out smelling like an ashtray.

Anonymous said...

GBH is up in the night. No one gets addicted to gambling. Craig, don't take it from the damn mormons. Gambling addiction is a myth perpetuated by only the mormons.

P.S. Your daughter probably didn't tell you (what happens in Vegas, stays in vegas), but I met her while I was in Vegas. We smoked some dope and had wild sex. Don't worry though, it was only "recreational". At first she was reluctant since it was against mormon teaching, but I told her the mormons were misguided on drugs and premarital sex as well. She finally agreed when I told her that her dad would agree with me. Thanks Craig!